Professional Services 

Accounting and bookkeeping

Proper management of cash flow is essential in running a business. You can hire an accountant or bookkeeper to help manage this or sign up for online accounting and bookkeeping services. These professionals can assist with managing income statements, determining profitability and tracking expenses. You will need these documents when filing your taxes.


Consider if you’d like to protect your brand and logo by trademarking it. You can also file for patents, copyrights and intellectual property protection. Legal professionals can also assist with employment contracts as well as contracts with vendors and other businesses.


You will need marketing support to help generate traffic to your business. Marketing professionals can assist with print and online advertising, public relations, social media and branding.

Tech support

To optimize for success, you will need to launch a website and create directories and accounts on sites like Google Maps and Yelp. Technical professionals can assist with creating a website and adding payment gateways.

Paid advertising

Ad buyers provide companies or organizations with services to help them buy advertisement slots that will target their consumer audiences. Advertisement targeting is useful for companies to expand their reach and brand recognition.